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How the Scramble Cloud integrates into your
Microsoft Office 365 environment

We are pleased to announce the integration of Scramble Cloud with Microsoft Office 365.

At Scramble Cloud, our goal is to improve the security and efficiency of your cloud experience. Today we are pleased to announce another step toward that goal: the seamless integration of Scramble Cloud with Microsoft Office 365.

For companies using Office 365, the security of their data is of utmost importance. With Scramble Cloud, our customers can now take advantage of the benefits of an end-to-end encrypted cloud directly in their existing Office 365 environment. Through this integration, we offer an easy-to-use solution that ensures the protection of sensitive information without compromising productivity.

Store your sensitive files encrypted
directly in Microsoft Teams

Eliminate the risk of unauthorized third parties gaining access to your sensitive company files. The Scramble cloud storage solution integrates seamlessly with your Microsoft Teams. This allows you to store your sensitive company data securely and easily within your existing Teams environment, protected by our end-to-end encryption.


Share your sensitive company data directly
with your colleagues in Microsoft Teams

Say goodbye to the risk of your sensitive company files being mistakenly shared with unauthorized third parties. Share your files and passwords easily and securely with your colleagues in Microsoft Teams using our end-to-end encryption. You also have the option of creating unique groups for your departments.


Store your sensitive company files shared in teams securely in the cloud

With our specially developed Microsoft Teams plugin, the Scramble cloud storage solution integrates seamlessly into your Microsoft Teams environment. This means that your sensitive company files can always be stored, managed and found in a secure location without compromising on data security. Thanks to this integration, you can collaborate effectively with your colleagues while ensuring the security of your company files.


Share your sensitive company data
encrypted via Outlook

Say goodbye to the problem that larger company files cannot be shared directly in Outlook. Upload your sensitive company files directly to your personal cloud storage and share a unique, protected link with your colleagues.


At Scramble Cloud, we firmly believe that security and usability should go hand in hand. With our integration with Microsoft Office 365, we bring this principle into reality, enabling businesses to protect their files without compromising productivity.

Protect your sensitive files directly in Office 365 today!

For teams, work files, backups, images, videos,
memories and more. Back up your files
encrypted with the cloud storage from Scramble.

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