Protect your company data during remote access with our end-to-end encryption: Find out how Scramble can help you

Effective measures to avoid risks during remote access

In today's increasingly digitalized world, secure remote access to company data is essential. But with this increased mobility and access from different locations comes new risks. Find out how end-to-end encryption, particularly through Scramble's cloud solutions, can help minimize these risks.

Why is secure remote access important?

The importance of secure remote access has increased significantly in recent years. Due to globalization and the trend towards working from different locations, it is crucial that employees can access company data securely without compromising security.

The role of end-to-end encryption

End-to-end encryption plays a crucial role in secure remote access. This encryption method encrypts data from its origin to its destination, so that it is protected even during transmission through insecure networks.

How the Scramble Cloud ensures your security

Scramble offers an advanced end-to-end encrypted cloud storage that enables companies to securely store and access their sensitive data, regardless of where employees are located. By using this solution, companies can ensure that their data is protected from unauthorized access, even when transmitted over insecure networks.

Advantages of end-to-end encryption
  • Secure data exchange: Encryption also protects data during transmission so that it cannot be intercepted or manipulated by third parties.
  • Protection against data theft: End-to-end encryption offers additional protection against data theft, as even in the event of a successful attack on the network, the stolen data is unreadable to the attacker.
  • Compliance with data protection regulations: Companies that process sensitive data must comply with certain data protection regulations. End-to-end encryption can help to meet these requirements by ensuring that data is protected at all times.


Secure remote access is a crucial aspect for companies that want to enable flexible working without compromising the security of their data. By using the end-to-end encrypted Scramble Cloud, companies can ensure that their data is protected at all times, regardless of the location of the employees or the network infrastructure used.

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