Changelog – 23.11.2023

Welcome to our new Changelog. We would like to present our changes to you transparently.

Tonight we made an update where we added a new feature and solved a problem.

Share your folders.

  • By right-clicking on any folder, you now have the option to share the folder via the folder url item.
  • You will receive a pop-up where you have the option to share the folder with or without the key in the link. The key in the link works like a password at this point. If you share the folder without the key in the link, the person who has the link must first enter the key in order to see the contents.
  • The shared folder has similar functionalities to the personal drive. For example, you can easily view images and videos. It is possible to download the entire content via the “Download” button or to select and download individual elements.
  • No registration is required to view or download the content.

Solved a problem where images in the gallery were not displayed correctly.

  • If images are still displayed incorrectly, for example if they are not scaled correctly, clear your browser cache. Images should then be displayed correctly.

In addition, we have carried out performance updates.

If you notice any problems, please contact us immediately at “” or via the “Feedback” button on the top navigation.

Thank you for your attention.