Scramble Cloud for Agencies

Find out how the Scramble SecureCloud can help you with your agency
and what benefits you will miss out on if you don’t.

Secure sharing

Create groups for each customers

Encrypted streaming

User rights management

Easy file management

82 % of all companies use cloud services to minimize risks.

Scramble Cloud encrypted storage

Store your data

For teams, work files, backups, pictures, videos, family memories and more. Safe everything encrypted with the cloud storage from Scramble.

Scramble Cloud protection

Zero Knowledge encryption

The cloud storage from Scramble uses state of the art AES-256 bit encryption. Your files will be stored in ISO 27001 certificated datacenters in Germany and due to redundancy in Europe.

Scramble Cloud sharing

Share files with everyone and everywhere

Share selected videos, pictures and other files encrypted via private links or directly with other Scramble users within cloud storage.

Scramble Cloud friends

Friends and more

Add friends, colleagues and family members directly in Scramble and share all your files encrypted with one click inside the cloud storage.

Scramble Cloud groups

Groups and organization

Create groups inside your cloud storage with friends, colleague and family members and share all your files encrypted with one click. Set file permissions to organize your share.

Scramble Cloud watch

Videos have never been so secure

Upload your videos and enjoy our encrypted video streaming. Share your videos via private links or directly with other Scramble users within cloud storage.

Encrypted sharing made easy

  • Easily share files, images, videos and folders directly in the cloud or to third parties with just one click
  • Protect files when sharing with unique file and folder keys
  • View your shared media securely in the cloud
  • Create unique groups or add your colleagues directly as friends
Scramble Cloud - Encrypted Cloud Storage

Share your files securely with our rights management

  • Protect your files with user rights in the form of read and write permissions
  • Share files and folders directly with customers via private links.
  • Add colleagues directly as friends in your cloud and share your files directly in the cloud
  • Create groups and give each member a unique user role to protect your shared files.
Scramble Cloud - Encrypted Cloud Storage

Encrypted streaming of your files

  • Save your videos and images directly to the cloud
  • View your pictures and videos directly in the cloud.
  • Set whether your videos should be visible or not.
Scramble Cloud - Encrypted Cloud Storage


  • What makes us different from other cloud providers?

    While other cloud providers are largely based on server-side encryption, we use the end-to-end principle.

    This means: Your personal files never leave your device unencrypted. This makes clear that we are never able to read your unencrypted files at any time. Also not for companies, institutes or even authorities.
  • Are my files protected from manipulation?

    Depending on the case we use different measures to recognize a manipulation of your files and keep your integrity of your data.

    If our system ever suspects that one of your files was manipulated, you get an error warning and we maybe block the download. So a manipulation of data is worthless.

    This serves only as an additional security and should never occur during the usage.
  • How is the availability of my data guaranteed?

    To best prevent data loss, we store each file multiple times and in different regions.
  • In which country are the servers hosted?

    Our servers are hosted in different countries within Europe.

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Scramble Cloud

Scramble is an end-to-end encrypted cloud storage made for you, not to monetize your data.

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