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Privacy for everyone.

Privacy is a right for everyone. That’s the reason why we create Scramble.




Data stored


  • What makes us different from other cloud providers?

    While other cloud providers are largely based on server-side encryption, we use the end-to-end principle.
    We only use modern secure encryption methods.

    This means: Your personal files never leave your device unencrypted. This makes clear that we are never able to read your unencrypted files at any time. Also not for companies, institutes or even authorities.
  • Are my files protected from manipulation?

    Depending on the case we use different measures to recognize a manipulation of your files and keep your integrity of your data.

    If our system ever suspects that one of your files was manipulated, you get an error warning and we maybe block the download. So a manipulation of data is worthless.

    This serves only as an additional security and should never occur during the usage.
  • How is the availability of my data guaranteed?

    To best prevent data loss, we store each file multiple times and in different regions.

    We explicitly point out that we do not guarantee that, despite all safety measures, there will be no data loss or that our product will be available at all times. In the event that our product is not available, we allow ourselves a reasonable amount of time to correct the error.
  • In which country are the servers hosted?

    Our servers are hosted in different countries within Europe.

Scramble is an end-to-end encrypted cloud storage made for you, not for your data.

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